Basements built since 1980


The benefits of prefabricated construction

Fast construction and a precision finish

Building plots can't always provide unlimited height and space, but there is always room for a basement. For us, there are virtually no geological restrictions that can prevent us from installing a basement. A glatthaar prefabricated basement has several advantages.  Individual elements are prefabricated in our factories under optimal conditions, regardless of the weather and according to precise specifications. This saves time and money, guarantees planning security and helps to avoid lengthy on-site construction.

Thanks to our high-quality prefabrication processes, a glatthaar prefabricated basement can usually be finished within a maximum of three to five days. Exact schedules will ultimately depend on specific customer requirements as well as the size of the basement.

Thanks to the production process using waterproof concrete, prefabricated basements offer the best possible protection against moisture penetration. Those wanting an extra level of protection can opt for the glatthaar patented Aqua Safe® waterproofing system.