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Pooling your leisure ideals

Pooling your leisure ideals

The creation of leisure space is becoming a priority in many self-build projects. The importance of health and well-being are better understood, and Glatthaar Keller are increasingly being asked for sport and wellness space as part of the clients’ basement projects....

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South coast self-build completed with luxury basement

Plot: just over half an acre // House: 575 m2 // glatthaar Basement: 150 m2 // Basement Cost: £350,000

“We researched the market and there is only glatthaar. They are a very professional company who build underground car parks and have lots of big project experience. We felt they would be able to handle a project of our size"

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Basement with extra living space

Plot: ¼ acre // House: 225 m2 // Glatthaar Basement: 50.1 m2

“A huge amount of work goes into a new build and we really appreciated the well-informed and experienced approach that Glatthaar took”.

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Modern House in Hertfordshire

Plot: 1.5 acres // Glatthaar Basement: 100 m2 // 5 bedrooms // 4 bathrooms

Mark and Fiona Raistrick along with their 2 young children have built this wonderful family home complete with Glatthaar basement.

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Wonderful family home in Oxfordshire

  • Plot: just over half an acre // House: 575 m2 // 311 m2 // Glatthaar Basement: 150 m2 // Basement Cost: £350,000

David & Tanith Ridgway, along with their daughters, Molly (10) and Erin (5) have built this wonderful family home complete with Glatthaar basement.

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Plus-Energy house in Perthshire

  • 3 bedrooms // 3 bathrooms // 311 m2 // 2 acres

This contemporary Plus-Energy house in Perthshire, Scotland generates more electricity than its owners use.

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Hidden House in St. Albans

  • Plot:  400 m2 / House: 210 m2 / Glatthaar Basement:  170 m2

Duane Parkin has a keen eye for design and some building experience to draw from. Having started his own building and developing business 15 years ago, amongst many projects, he’s built 10 new houses from the ground up.

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Northwood, London

  • Plot:  just under 1 acre / House: 75,000 sqft / Glatthaar Basement:  24,000 sqft

For one family in Northwood, London, a Glatthaar basement has not only provided extra living space but it’s also proved an invaluable solution to a subsidence issue. 

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Watford, Hertfordshire

The client wanted us to build two big basements in Watford, Surrey one for himself and his family and one for his parents, both living together on the same plot.

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Englefield Green

Our clients presented us with a beautiful plot in Englefield Green, Surrey, only half an hour apart from West London. Together with their Architect they had created a vision of a stunning, but still traditional looking home.

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Bishop, Hertfordshire

House: 3,800 sqft (including garage) / Glatthaar Basement: 1,900 sqft

"The building of our basement was meticulously planned and has given us just the extra habitable family space we wanted.  The whole house has been designed to fit our lifestyle, and the basement is an integral part of this."

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Central London

House: 5,500 sqft / Glatthaar Basement: 1,200 sqft

"For us, having a basement is a true luxury and has meant we have a large space to use for all the fun family activities such as watching films together and playing table tennis.  We even have a full-size snooker room, which is something I’ve always wanted."

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Village House in Bierton

Plot: .41 acres / House: 375 m2 / Basement: 92 m2

"As a builder I like to try and challenge myself by doing something a bit different with every build, and when it came to building our own family home, we knew a basement would be the chance to have a bit of fun",  Ben Arnold.

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West Horsley, Surrey

  • Plot: 3.5 acres / House: 604 m2 / Basement: 150 m2 / Groundbearing Slab: 140 m2

"Building our wonderful house has been a glorious exercise and has aided the healthier and easier lifestyle we were looking for.  Our basement, complete with gym, spa room and home cinema is central to our enjoyment of our home."

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