glatthaar receives DKV certification for climate protection

Glatthaar receives DKV certification for climate protection

Climate protection is one of glatthaar’s highest priorities. Through the use of the climate-neutral DKV Euro Services fuel card, the company was able to entirely offset its CO2 emissions through investing in certified DKV climate protection projects for every litre of fuel used.

DKV projects include the promotion of solar energy in Madagascar, the financing of a biomass cookers in China and the support of various wind-powered projects.

We are proud of our accomplishments in this area: in 2016 we offset a total of 622.9 t of CO2 from our outbound shipments - of which 96.24 t were from our branch in Weissenfels, 299.01 t from Simmern and 227.65 t from our headquarters in Schramberg-Waldmössingen. This achievement has now been officially certified by the climate protection organisation myclimate and the DKV.