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Kickoff meeting 2019

This year the entire Glatthaar Group went to Lochmühle in Eigeltingen in the Black Forrest. After arriving at the location we had a reception with Mulled Wine and 'Pfefferbeißer' a locally well known Pepper Salami. Those brave enough to give it a try had a Quad Tour through the nearby Forrest - see pictures. Later we had a great Dinner and those staff members being employed by Glatthaar for 10, 20 and 30 years have been decorated and received a Bonus too. It was a brilliant Event and we are all looking forward to next years Kick-Off Meeting which should be held at Mallorca, Joachim Glatthaar promised.

On Saturday some of us went for Sightseeing in Rottweil and visited the Thyssenkrupp Testtower. It was very interesting and the view is spectacular. Image 2180 shows the old Power Station of Rottweil which is now one of the Best Event Locations in Germany. Some years ago we had one off our Kick-Off Meetings there and it was a great Event we still remember.

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