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Our post Brexit UK client commitment



As 2020 drew to a close we were all very relieved to see that a Brexit deal was agreed between the UK and the EU. As a manufacturer we are very pleased that our UK subsidiary is able to carry on serving our client base and we can get back to concentrating on what we do best, manufacturing and constructing cutting edge prefabricated basements for the UK market. Obviously, the trading relationship is being established, but as your supplier we will support you through your building project. When Joachim Glatthaar founded the prefabricated basement construction company Glatthaar Keller, he knew that putting customer support as a core principle would differentiate him from the competition, and today as we deal with change, our clients know they can rely on us to deliver.

We are looking forward to 2021 as an opportunity to further develop our products. As a self-builder with a new project, why not include a basement in your design. Our motto that we can create a basement almost anywhere, means we can help with difficult ground conditions or irregular building plots. Having a stable foundation is key to ensuring longevity for your self-build house, as it must fulfil its requirements long after fixtures and fittings have been replaced, so it is not an area where corners can be cut. We would love you to become part of our community so please join us in making 2021 a successful year as we look to influence the way that UK developers perceive foundation and basement construction.

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