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A Great Place to Work Award

for Glatthaar Keller GmbH

Great Place to Work Award for Glatthaar Keller GmbH

As the saying goes “Your company is your employees”. At Glatthaar we recognise the direct relationship between a good working environment and the delivery of the highest quality standards. We are very proud that we count among the 100 best employers to work for in Germany and that we won “The Great Place To Work programme” in Berlin earlier this year.
The award identifies sound management practice that works fairly and respectfully with the employees, and for the employees to identify strongly with the company’s ethos and treatment in developing a strong team spirit. As part of our ongoing employee development initiative we take listening to employee’s feelings and ideas as a key input to our company strategy.
Receiving this award is recognition of all the hard work our employees and management have undertaken to develop our work environment and to deliver high quality products.

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