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Your glatthaar basement in 3D

Explore the range of details featured in our prefabricated basements

Glatthaar prefabricated basements are individually tailored to your requirements. The right combination of concrete, insulation and drainage elements guarantee a completely waterproof basement. You can find a selection of the various construction components we use for our basements in this 3D model.

Click 'start' to view the model. Use the scroll function on the edge to zoom in and out of the model. You can zoom into any specific point of the module by clicking or selecting the point in the key.


1. Exterior basement stairs
2. Window
3. Floor drainage exterior basement stairs
4. Exterior basement door
5. Supporting wall basement stairs
6. Backfill protection
7. Light well
8. Light well drainage
9. External insulation
10. Steel anker
11. External tanking 'AquaSafe' basement waterproofing
12. Exterior wall of basement
13. Starter bars exterior wall of basement
14. Drainage
15. External insulation below ground bearing slab
16. PE sheet
17. Spacers
18. Reinforcement steel
19. In-situ concrete
20. Internal basement wall
21. Empty electrical sockets with empty conduits
22. Concrete frost protection
23. Sumb
24. Side rail
25. Wooden shuttering for on-site windows
26. Retaining wall with supporting feet and frost protection
27. Concrete column
28. Cantilever slab
29. ISO Korb
30. Empty electrical conduits in the basement ceiling
31. Internal concrete stairs
32. Floor drainage


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