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Wine, Cinema or Wellness?

Clever Ideas on how to make the most out of your Basement (Part 1)

Have you ever thought about transforming your basement from a boring storage space to a wine bar, cinema or secluded spa? Here’s our first instalment of the best ways to give your basement the ‘wow’ factor

1. Cheers to a new wine cellar:

For centuries, wine has been stored in cellars. They were considered the perfect place, being both safe and cool, as well as free from vibrations. Here, wines could mature to perfection. So, why not follow tradition and add a touch of decadence to your own home?
Transform your basement into a cozy wine cellar, where you can not only display your wine collection, but also sample it. You can create a novel space for entertaining, in which friends and family can come together to socialize at your very own wine bar.
Temperature is important here. During the planning stages, you will need to consider insulation, so that your basement-come-wine store remains pleasantly and consistently cool all year round.

2. Create your own cinema

Are you a film fanatic? Why not create your very own cinema in the comfort of your own home? All of the technology you need; large HD TV’s, high-performance projectors, etc, are now widely available. You can even buy real cinema chairs and luxury loungers to fully complete the experience. So, what’s stopping you?
A home cinema in your basement allows you to escape the real world and truly immerse yourself in your favourite film, tv series or documentary. Not only that, you can crank up the volume with surround sound systems without disturbing any neighbours.

3. Rest and Relax in your very own Spa

Looking to find your inner zen? Transform your basement into a space for rest and relaxation with your own sauna or hot tub. Surround yourself with calming music and relaxing fragrances to help escape the day-to-day routine, the hustle and bustle of work and family life, as well as the wet and windy weather. Simply pop downstairs and switch off.

Upgraded utilities don’t need extensive construction to be installed and lighting fixtures can be easily adjusted to create the perfect environment. If you’re thinking of transforming your basement into a spa, ask one of our experts how best to create your desired effect. Ventilation is also important here, so a specialist will be able to advise you on all of things to consider when creating your dream spa room.

Thinking about transforming your basement into something special? Contact us today for more information and advice: +44 1932 344454.

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