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The Efficient Basement

Saving energy in basement living spaces

The Efficient Basement - saving energy in basement living spaces

Energy saving is the alpha and omega of building a home. Those who work from sustainable concepts right from the start of their building project, adopting cost-effective building design practices, can save a significant amount of money in the long term. At the same time, the use of valuable resources can be minimised and the environmental impact of the build greatly reduced.

A major consideration in energy efficiency is how a new home should be heated. With heating making up the majority of a home’s energy costs, it is important to find efficient insulation and thermal insulation able to prevent unwanted heat loss. Lightweight concrete and bricks are not enough of a solution due to their high thermal conductivity and insufficient insulation performance.

What types of insulation are there for a basement?

In principle, there are three different types of thermal insulation available:

  • external insulation (perimeter insulation)
  • interior insulation
  • concrete precast basements with core insulation inside the wall

The best results are achieved with the high-quality thermal insulation of a basements outer walls and the core insulation inside the wall. A robust external insulation alone can noticeably prevent the build-up of condensation in the cellar interior and create a comfortable indoor climate in the basement.

The inbuilt basement insulation with ThermoSafe®!

With the patented product ThermoSafe®, glatthaar has developed a system in which high-performing insulation is incorporated into basement walls directly as they’re constructed in the factory. We can therefore guarantee the best possible thermal insulation which meets and often surpasses, all of the government’s basement energy requirements (up to the Passive House standards).

ThermoSafe® for living rooms

Glathaar's ThermoSafe® is especially suitable for living rooms. With each wall element smooth on both sides, time-consuming and expensive plastering and insulation work on the construction site is eliminated. Furthermore, built-in parts such as windows, electrical conduits and junction boxes can be easily installed during the production phase. The excellent heat storage capacity provides protection against summer heat and winter frost, ensuring comfortable indoor conditions during any season.

Lasting cost savings through efficient thermal insulation

Incorrect or inadequate thermal insulation can result in the loss of up to 10 percent of the total heat of a home. Not only is this bad for the environment, it also is a needless waste of money.  On the other hand, with high-quality thermal insulation in the basement, the floor temperature on the ground floor of the house can be noticeably increased. Less energy is needed and the risk of mold is significantly reduced. A glatthaar basement with ThermoSafe® insulation will not only provide an optimal living environment all year round but also save reduce costs and guarantee the best quality insulation available!

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