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Tanking of prefabricated basements

Detailing the available solutions

Every prefabricated basement needs suitable tanking. It serves to protect against soil moisture and ground water and should provide total protection against damage to the building fabric over many decades.

The question of which tanking system will suit a basement project is a vital one to answer correctly. While Glatthaar customers will always be assured the perfect tanking is used for their specific property, it may be useful to understand the various methods for tanking a prefabricated basement.

Internal tanking: a solution for semi-detached and terraced basements

Internal tanking is a solution relied upon when all of the external walls of a basement are not accessible from the outside. This is most commonly the case for semi-attached and terraced basements but also comes into play when certain site conditions restrict full access e.g. a property is constructed close to dense rock which limits the ability to carry out surrounding excavation.
These situations are relatively rare and therefore internal tanking is a less commonly used solution.
So while professionally installed internal tanking for a prefabricated basement can provide a good protection against the ingress of water and soil moisture, applications are limited to specific use cases.

External tanking: the preferred choice for accessible sites

Where outer walls are accessible, external tanking should always be a preferred choice. External tanking can be rigorously checked after completion and any irregularities quickly identified and refinished.
When choosing a plot for a new build featuring a prefabricated basement, where feasible, it is advisable to select a site which will allow for external tanking as this is proven to provide more robust, long term protection.

AquaSafe®: the guaranteed external tanking system by glatthaar

We at glatthaar believe the advantages of external tanking are clear. Our AquaSafe® program has been developed to provide a guaranteed tanking solution for prefabricated basements. Choosing an AquaSafe® basement from glatthaar offers 100% protection from moisture and 100% peace of mind for you.

We are basement experts and always happy to help

Using the appropriate tanking for a prefabricated basement project is crucial and choosing the right solution can make the difference between a dry, sound and secure basement and a host of drawn out, moisture-related issues which will arise over time.

Building basement should be an enjoyable experience so, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions - at every stage of your thinking and planning!

The specialist, friendly team at glatthaar will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate solution for your property and clearly explain alternatives that are available.

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