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Prefabricated vs On-site Built Basements - Which is the Best Option?

All self-builders have to make many vital decisions when designing and building their own home. One such decision is whether to have a basement or not.  While the answer to this, especially if you’re looking for extra living space and financial gain, should be a resounding ‘yes’, it may be harder to know whether a prefabricated or an onsite build basement is the best way to go. We’ve rounded up the four key benefits of prefabricated basements to make the decision that bit easier.  

1. Value for money

If you've already started researching whether or not building a basement is a worthy investment, then you may have already noticed that the prices for prefabricated basements are slightly higher than those built on site. But while this is often the case, it’s important to bear in mind the extra services included within the prefabricated option, which make them the cheaper option overall, such as;


→ Quick and simple construction process


A prefabricated basement is delivered and built in just a few days. This means there’s significantly less labour time involved, as well as interest incurred during the construction phase and rental fees for cranes and similar construction tools. Structural engineering calculations and work plans are usually included in the price and don't need to be calculated separately.


→ Precise industrial manufacturing


This ensures high-quality standards. It also makes it possible to manufacture the basement with empty conduits, sockets and empty spaces for windows and doors already built into the structure.


→ Clean construction

Prefabricated walls are delivered in such a way that eliminates the need for a lengthy cleaning process afterwards. They’re completed to exact specifications and individual design requirements in the factory and then simply slotted together on site, without the need for extra mess. They are completely waterproof, thanks to the industrial process to manufacture them in the first place, saving you thousands compared to on-site construction basements, which often have insufficient waterproofing, therefore, requiring renovation. And, don’t forget, even though prefabricated basements are made using industrial processes, by-no-means are they mass produced. Instead, our technology allows us to make your vision and requirements a reality.

2. Minimal Fuss

You can be involved as much or as little as you like in the design and construction of your prefabricated basement. It’s a lot simpler and straightforward than an on-site project, with most stages, including flooring slabs, included in the product range. Tried and tested solutions ensure an easy, straightforward and stress-free project.
Structural engineering calculations and work plans are all included in the price when it comes to prefabricated basements. Thanks to the precise industrial production techniques, cutting, cleaning and insulation work are no longer required, as well as significantly less work in the planning and construction, with fewer service providers.
When building any basement, there are various construction aspects of coordinating. From the groundwork through to supply access and installation, choosing a prefabricated basement will ensure that you are guided throughout the entire process.

3. Financial security

Thanks to the 'kit' construction system, a prefabricated basement can be built within just a few days, whatever the weather - even during the winter. This level of efficiency means that any weather-related disturbances on site are minimised, and there are no nasty surprises regarding the price. Once all information on the ground conditions, basement size and structural engineering calculations have been recorded, every measurement for a prefabricated basement is calculated to pinpoint precision. The result? Extra charges for construction and environmental factors are largely excluded, giving you financial peace of mind.

4. Guaranteed quality

On-site construction can’t guarantee the same standard time and time again and is prone to more variations in quality. In comparison, prefabricated basements are manufactured in a controlled environment, meaning every item is consistently produced to extremely high standards. As a result, everything, from measurements to the overall finish, is ‘perfect’. Every basement is made waterproof and energy efficient. We use a pre-sealing process, for example, which far exceeds waterproofing applied on site.


If you have any questions or would like a consultation on our prefabricated basements, our team are more than happy to help. Contact us here.

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