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5 Advantages of Prefabricated Basements

The decision to install a basement really pays off when building a new home. It can not only greatly increase comfort within a home but can also increase its value. Once the decision has been made, many builders often then find it difficult to choose the right basement concept: should it be built in a traditional way "brick by brick" or is a prefabricated installation the best choice? In this article we will aim to outline why a prefabricated basement is often the best option in the long term and what the key benefits are of building off-site.


Advantage 1: Protected production vs tackling Mother Nature

While the weather often plays a major role in the construction of a traditionally built basement, every prefabricated basement is constructed in a dry, protected, state-of-the-art factory environment where operations are never interrupted. Inclement weather never leads to delays in the construction process and conditions are optimal for both the production materials and the employees.

Advantage 2: Built-in components are made to measure

As each prefabricated basement is produced in a factory, all built-in components such as basement windows, wall openings for telecoms and utilities, electrical sockets and ceiling openings, as well as door openings are pre-fitted before leaving the factory. This procedure not only avoids installation errors caused by different tradespeople, but also significantly reduces unnecessary work hours.

Advantage 3: Precise manufacturing

Each element of a prefabricated basement is produced in a factory with maximum efficiency and the best possible use of materials. No unnecessary resources are wasted, which not only benefits the environment, but ultimately translates into excellent value for money. Furthermore, a consistent quality is ensured. Since the production of a prefabricated basement is carried out under constant strict quality control standards, every one leaves the factory a high quality and reliable product.

Advantage 4: Huge time savings

Thanks to automated production in the factory, the construction of a prefabricated basement is possible within just a few hours. Complicated basement projects can be planned well in advance, so that later complications on the construction site can be avoided. This makes unexpected delays almost unheard of.

Advantage 5: Very cost effective

Due to precise planning in advance and a standardized production, the costs for a factory-made prefabricated cellar can be easily calculated and kept to a minimum. A fixed price guarantee is possible, so there will never be any unwelcome surprises.

With each of these advantages considered, a prefabricated basement represents a highly efficient and effective choice which will deliver a precision product at a fixed cost without delays.

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