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5 Quality Characteristics of a Prefabricated Basement

The quality of a basement can vary hugely. There are multiple contributing factors, but ultimately, the quality of construction materials on the market today vary dramatically. It’s therefore wise for builders and property owners to thoroughly research the quality of the respective products on offer before going ahead with the construction of their prefabricated basement. This is the only way to avoid unnecessary disappointment, hassle, and above all, extra expense further down the line.

It’s therefore essential to look out for the 5 most important characteristics of a high-quality prefabricated basement.

1. Detailed planning

To ensure your prefabricated basement is the perfect fit for your building and precisely tailored to the geological features of your region, extensive planning is a must. Make sure you receive the appropriate guidance from an experienced and competent advisor right from the design phase. Ensure that each individual element will be prefabricated in factory conditions, so you can be sure you'll receive the best quality product regardless of the season. This is the only way to ensure planning security and keep the construction period as short as possible. We endeavour to cover every last detail in the planning process. In this way, we are able to offer extremely fast construction times of 3-5 days maximum.

2. High-quality surfaces

Computer-aided production (CAD/CAM techniques) is a crucial factor in creating a precise, quality-driven premanufactured basement. Due to modern technology advancements, every element in prefabricated building fits perfectly, and all chances of measurement discrepancies are eliminated. Gone are the days of wonky walls and patchy ceilings. We employ first-class production processes to ensure that every wall and ceiling surface is smooth and even, and finished to pinpoint perfection in controlled factory conditions.

3. Customer satisfaction

There’s nothing more powerful than the spoken word and one always feels safe listening to what others have to say about their customer experience. Positive independent customer reviews are a reliable sign of quality. That’s why we’re proud of our title of the 'fairest provider of prefabricated basements in Germany' in the prestigious business magazine "Focus Money" for the fourth year in a row. We’ve also been classified as 'very good' in all five fairness categories and alongside excellent value for money, our high levels of sustainability and responsible treatment of our customers have been commended and has resulted in us being named as one of the top 70 companies in Germany for recommendation rates. When you choose us as your partner for building a new basement, you are choosing tried-and-tested quality with an official seal of approval.

4. Internal and external quality control

The company you choose should carry out internal and external quality controls. We may be bias, but these should ideally be by the German quality association for prefabricated basements (GÜF). This, in combination with the RAL quality assurance seal, guarantees the high-quality of basements and means you can be sure you're getting long-lasting, safe, certified quality.  
All of our prefabricated concrete components are submitted for regular factory monitoring processes, which are carried out by an independent testing institute and we've been delivering RAL-certified basements to our customers since 1988.

5. TÜV certificate from the German Technical Inspection Association 

The TÜV doesn't only provide its quality seal for cars, but is also used in the construction industry demonstrating high quality, reliability and safety. We’re the first and only basement construction company in Germany to hold the TÜV "certified planning documents" seal, so you can be sure that any planning documents related to your build certified by the TÜV have been thoroughly checked to guarantee optimum safety.


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