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Glatthaar: Ensuring quality

in our products through certification

Glatthaar: Ensuring quality in our products through certification

Basements or floor slabs are probably the most elementary building blocks of any house, everything must be correct from the beginning, ensuring Clients are confident that they will not suffer from undesirable events such as water ingress or building movement. Glatthaar’s quality control process minimises these risks for our prefabricated cellars.
All Glatthaar cellars and floor slabs are manufactured with precision using our state of the art production facilities and skilled on-site personnel. The most important goal is to provide each of our customers with a product of durable quality. Prefabricated cellars from Glatthaar are individually designed to meet the customer's exacting requirements. It goes without saying that we work with the latest technology and have a rigorous quality control process. Checks by TÜV (the Internationally recognised German inspection and certification body) and quality monitoring are just two examples of the many measures we follow to ensure quality and safety is delivered to our customers. The seals of approval awarded to Glatthaar prove that we meet expected standards in every respect.

Glatthaar products - tested and certified by TÜV

TÜV-SÜD regularly checks construction related documents for projects we have delivered. Technical experts and Engineers from TÜV validate the execution of our controls, and Technical specialists check our cellars for water tightness as well as other relevant data points. Glatthaar is the first, and so far only, pre-fabricated cellar manufacturer to receive the TÜV certification. The seal of approval is only awarded after examination of all construction related documents. This not only includes construction and service descriptions and company internal work processes, but also design and manufacturing details. For example, the area of basement sealing was thoroughly inspected. TÜV-SÜD awarded Glatthaar "planning documentation checked". All house builders who choose Glatthaar products have peace of mind in the knowledge that we meet a certified standard.

Owner of the RAL quality mark for prefabricated cellars for over 30 years

Glatthaar pre-fabricated cellars have continuously held the RAL (German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labelling) quality mark since 1988. Today, consumers and companies are able to select from a multitude of products and services. Yet how do they find something that works reliably, complies with the latest technical standards and is environmentally compatible? RAL Gütezeichen (Quality Marks) provide guidance in this area. They indicate a particularly high level of quality. This label validates our overall basement structure and is only given after a rigorous review process. Among other things, the precast plant is regularly monitored by an independent body. In addition, external checks are carried out on the construction sites at certain intervals using strict test criterion. Thanks to the RAL quality assurance, building owners receive a guarantee of quality (regardless of whether they are a private individual or a contracting authority) through effective testing and control mechanisms. The award with the RAL mark for our prefabricated cellars is therefore important evidence that Glatthaar is still on the right track when it comes to quality and trustworthiness.

Glatthaar internal quality management monitoring

In addition to the above-mentioned test and inspection mechanisms from TÜV-SÜD and the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labelling, we also maintain our own internal quality management process. This serves to monitor our products and ensures that customers of our company receive the highest possible quality at all times.
Having good processes ensures our clients are well looked after in all phases of their construction project, whether it is contract negotiations, planning or construction. Thanks to permanent monitoring of all designs, work steps and materials used, we meet all the requirements needed for a successful construction project. Quality monitoring has always been an integral part of Glatthaar's company philosophy.

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