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Environmental Protection

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Environmental Protection & Sustainable Production

Climate protection is important to both our customers and our company. Our main areas of focus include environmental protection and the proper handling of our construction resources. For glatthaar, these responsibilities have been part of the company philosophy for many years. In 2018, out of a large field of German prefabricated basement manufacturers, glatthaar was awarded the top prize by leading business magazine, Focus Money in its ‘Sustainable Engagement’ test category.

How glatthaar promotes sustainable production in basement construction

For glatthaar, climate protection is a priority. Not because of some economic ulterior motive, but out of a strongly-held conviction. Every member of glatthaar’s extensive team see it as their responsibility to sustainably and efficiently manage natural resources. With modern facilities, intelligent production processes, and a stringent focus on avoiding unnecessary waste, a lot can be achieved.

Logistically optimized processes

As it stands, while the complete eradication of CO2 emissions is not possible, there are a number of measures available which can significantly reduce the emission of trace gases released into the atmosphere. At glatthaar this is done by, among other things, integrating our fleet as far as possible into the climate protection cycle of the entire company. For each litre of fuel consumed, glatthaar invests a specified amount in certified DKV climate protection projects, such as the promotion of solar energy in Madagascar or financing biomass cookers in China. This also includes the support of various wind power projects and other high-quality climate protection measures.
In 2018 alone, glatthaar was able to compensate for a total of 889.6 tonnes of CO2 when delivering its precast concrete parts from regional plants. Both the climate protection organization "myclimate" and the DKV have recognized and honoured glatthaar’s climate protection performance with an additional certificate of reduced CO2 emissions.

Basement construction expertise and German quality

The ‘Made in Germany’ label not only denotes the origin of glatthaar products, but also speaks to a rich reputation for professional engineering, sustainable technologies and future-proofed developments. It’s no surprise that we have been recognised as the ‘most reliable basement manufacturer’ by ‘Focus Money’ five years in a row.
Glatthaar’s in-house research and development department has been working alongside various universities and institutes as well as other leaders in the construction industry for many years with the aim of further developing an "intelligent basement". In this process of constantly optimizing and improving our technology, climate protection remains a primary focus.

Constantly improving basement construction & climate protection

With sustainability and climate protection always at the top of glatthaar’s agenda, by choosing our floor slabs and basement products, customers can be guaranteed they’re working with a responsible partner.
A series of independent tests, surveys, and numerous awards have consistently confirmed that our approach has generated a positive environmental impact. We are immensely proud of this record as it highlights the ethos of glatthaar’s teams and company as a whole. As a customer and business partner, we assure you that this will continue long into the future.

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