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Creating an Office, Hobby Room or a Whole New Income

Clever Ideas on how to make the most out of your Basement (Part 2)

More often than not, basements are stereotyped as cold, dark and dingy storage spaces, but this doesn’t have to be the case. The possibilities basements offer are endless. Part 1 explored wine bars, home cinemas and spa rooms, here we’ll be looking and a few other great options.

4. Create a Home Office

These days, an increasing number of businesses are implementing flexible working hours for their staff. Not only that, more and more people are becoming self-employed and freelancers, so having the space at home to work is becoming an increasingly important. Transforming your basement into a versatile, bright and stylish home office could therefore be the perfect solution for you.
Basement offices can provide an ideal space removed from the main living areas. Basements are often quiet, with little distraction and in hot summer months, provide cool working conditions. Where design allows, separate entrances can be created, ideal for visiting clients who can access the office directly without having to walk through your home.
When planning your home office, take into consideration a clean air supply and access. Ventilation is important and, as mentioned, a separate entrance can be beneficial for not only yourself, but your clients. Seek a professional’s advice, who can help you plan the best office for you.

5. Keep things clear

Tumble dryers and washing machines can be unsightly, so relocating them into your basement is a great way to clear the decks and hide them away where they won’t be seen or heard. This creates more living space upstairs, for the things that really matter.

6. Create a Hobby Room

Creating a designated space to practice a cherished hobby is a great use of basement space. As a music room – a basement can offer a quiet place to practice an instrument without disturbing the rest of the family, neighbours or roommates.
Without doubt, crafting has had a massive resurgence over recent years. A basement can make an excellent craft room, in which you can escape and let your inner creativity flow. Think about lighting, so your masterpieces don’t come at the expense of your eyesight!
A basement is adaptable, so whether you’re a model train fanatic, sports fan or avid artist, it’s a space that should be enjoyed. It’s always wise to discuss your plans with an expert, who will be able to offer advice on what you might need to make this room as effective (and fun!) as possible.

7. Create a New Income

Ever considered being a landlord? An underused basement can, if space allows, be turned into a rentable apartment. A basement can make for an ideal Granny flat, or even separate living quarters for teenagers or older children that haven’t yet flown the nest. You can keep your loved ones close, yet allow them to have their own space.

When designing any new basement living area, keep comfort in mind. Think about lighting, heating, water supply and electricity as well as a separate entrance to make access simpler.

The options are endless with your prefabricated glatthaar basement.

There’s almost unlimited potential in creating a meaningful space with a basement. There are innumerable options, from a wine bar, to a cinema, spa, hobby area or apartment. If you are currently planning your new home or renovation project, get in touch with us for specialist advice on how to make the most of your basement.


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