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What do I need to know about basement windows?

Historically, a cellar was often only considered useful as a storage place for potatoes, coal or unused furniture. Today however cellars serve a multitude of different purposes. In addition to being invaluable for storage, they are increasingly being used for hobbies and also as full time living areas. Because of this, there is an ever-greater need for basement windows, which, thanks to modern techniques, can be effortlessly installed in both new constructions as well as renovations.

Basement windows – Let there be light

In principle, basement windows can be installed in any basement. The type, size and position of the basement windows depends strongly on the planned use of the respective room. Pure storage areas obviously have different requirements than rooms in which occupants will spend longer periods of time, such as guest rooms or playrooms. It is always important to select the correct basement windows tailored to each location to deliver the most light and appealing atmosphere. Expert advice from specialist basement providers can assure the best solutions are put in place.

Always pay attention to the insulation

Technical know-how plays an important role in modern basement construction - and so too in the installation of basement windows. For some years now, the trend has been towards energy efficiency and environmental awareness. With these considerations in mind, heat energy retention should be a priority. With good thermal insulation in and around a basement window, the energy balance can be substantially improved reducing energy loss and subsequent cost. In order to achieve the best results, glatthaar only uses plastic windows during cellar construction. They have excellent insulation properties and thus significantly improve the living environment.

The advantages of plastic windows for basements

Basement windows made of plastic are extremely easy to clean and resistant to corrosion. They come in many different shades and frame shapes. Furthermore, customers can choose between a wide range of opening mechanisms. Since keeping costs low is a priority in cellar construction, plastic windows are also a fantastic option due to their comparatively low price.

Choosing the right glass for cellar windows

Anyone who looks into purchasing windows for cellar construction should always consider which glass is the right choice for them. There are a few important differences. For maximum energy efficiency, an extra heat protection glazing is recommended. This reduces energy consumption and saves money. For larger and unglazed basement windows, burglar-resistant glazing is worth considering.

Conclusion: basement windows are the way to go!

With basement windows, a property can be made more attractive and living areas made significantly more comfortable and appealing. Through using high quality insulation and glazing, basements can be made both efficient and amenable to a host of activities.

Our expert tip: Don’t cut corners on the specification of a basement. Instead, do it right the first time, demand high quality materials and professional installation. By doing that, you can enjoy your new basement free of future worry.

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