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A truly Floating House

built with AquaSafe®

A truly Floating House - built with AquaSafe®

Presenting AquaSafe® - the innovative basement system by Glatthaar-Fertigkeller that offers 100% protection against penetrating moisture. The secrets of how AquaSafe® works, what makes the technology so special and whether it is true that houses built with AquaSafe® can actually swim will all be revealed in the following article. With insight into the background of AquaSafe® we will explain how glatthaar created the first ever truly "Floating House".

Superior basement tanking for ultra-reliable property protection

The specially developed AquaSafe® basement tanking ensures that your new basement is totally waterproof and reliably protected from the various adverse effects of water damage. Whether it be soil moisture or temporary or constant pressing water, AquaSafe® always ensures that everything inside your basement stays dry. Furthermore, as a cost-saving and time-saving method for basement waterproofing, AquaSafe® can be effortlessly combined with other glatthaar products, such as the thermoSafe® core, which delivers excellent thermal insulation.

Powerful basement waterproofing with AquaSafe®

The AquaSafe® product was developed in close cooperation with a leading manufacturer of chemical construction products, so is fully compliant with UK building regulations. Customers can be always be confident that glatthaar products comply with all applicable standards and regulations.

As part of any standard Aquasafe® basement installation, all joints are sealed against soil moisture. For areas likely to experience temporary or constant pressing water, joints can received specialist seal treatment for a nominal additional cost. A soil survey report will determine in advance the type of joint seal most appropriate for each location.

The Floating House

In order to clearly demonstrate the ultra-high performance of the AquaSafe® basement system, glatthaar created the world’s first ‘Floating House’, a 313-ton concrete building which floats in a  three meter deep water pool located at our Schramberg / Waldmössingen location (Rottweil district in Baden-Württemberg). The AquaSafe® demonstration basement looks like any ordinary bungalow yet it floats 2.40 meters beneath the surface of the water.
Firmly anchored by four thick ropes, visitors are encouraged to tour the Floating House which is made accessible via a small bridge.
Far more than just a clever gimmick, the Floating House is  an innovation hub and think-tank in the field of prefabricated basement construction. The team located their work tirelessly to develop new and intelligent industry solutions. The house is an attraction for visitors of all ages, is used for internal training courses and also functions as a conference centre for building experts and institutes of building science.
To prove that the house is truly floating, glatthaar created the ‘innovation express’ a train that when moved, tilts the Floating House from side to side.

AquaSafe® - the intelligent choice

For anyone still sceptical on the ability of the AquaSafe® system to remain 100% watertight even in the most extreme environments, we welcome you to experience the inspiring possibilities of AquaSafe® by paying us a visit and experiencing the Floating House for yourself.
We are happy to advise you and answer any questions you might have regarding a new basement so please don’t hesitate to ask.

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