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5 Easy Steps to Creating a New Basement Apartment

Basement apartments are becoming a popular choice for savvy self-builders, or those carrying out extension work. And it’s no wonder; with the right structural design, a basement provides the perfect space for extra accommodation, which can be used for either guests or as a profitable money-making venture.

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5 Quality Characteristics to Look for when Choosing Flooring Slabs

A sturdy foundation is the best starting point for any house. Only with good flooring slabs can you lay the foundations for safe, comfortable living. It is therefore crucial to look out for certain quality characteristics when choosing a supplier for your floor slabs.

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5 Quality Characteristics of a Prefabricated Basement

The quality of a basement can vary hugely. There are multiple factors that contribute to this, but ultimately, the quality of construction materials on the market today vary dramatically.

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Standards and Regulations for Basement Waterproofing: 3 Things you Need to Know

Basements have very specific waterproofing requirements. Whether you need to prevent pressing groundwater, accumulating seepage water, or live in a flood-prone area, it's essential to consider your regional conditions and take effective measures to waterproof your basement.

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5 Top Tips for Building a Basement with your new Self-build project

Thinking about building a basement for your premanufactured home? It’s important to make sure you plan your project thoroughly, right from the beginning.  This way you can ensure a hassle-free project, that gives a lifetime of enjoyment.

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