Basements built since 1980


Northwood, London

Northwood, London

"We had no intention of building a basement and, in fact, I always thought of basements as cold and damp environments with no headroom.  Given the nature of the soft clay soil on the site though, we always knew that we’d have to dig deep foundations for a new build and having chosen to build a German premanufactured house, it was recommended that we use Glatthaar to build a basement. By doing so, it made more sense of the need and associated cost of removing the volume of earth before we reached solid ground, and not only could the basement act as the foundation for the house but it also meant that we would benefit from the extra living space."

"Further dispelling the myth that basements are cold, our Glatthaar basement retains heat and always feels warm.  With the same ventilation system installed throughout the house, the air is circulated effectively and always feels fresh and clean.  We also have underfloor heating throughout the house including the basement which is temperature controlled and highly efficient.  There’s no doubt, our Glatthaar basement has definitely changed my perception of what a basement can be. It has definitely enhanced our house and home".

Building with Glatthaar

The work ethic of the Glatthaar crew was exemplary.  Their workmanship was always of a very high standard and at the end of every day they left the site so spotlessly clean we could have eaten our dinner off it! 

Glatthaar approached the nature of our plot with a ‘can-do’ attitude and the level of customer service we experienced was excellent.  All communication was quick and efficient and someone was always answerable, which is important when you are investing a lot in your property.  Glatthaar also worked seamlessly with the company used to build the main house and together they ensured that everything was on time and everything was fulfilled as promised. 

"We had great confidence in Glatthaar and the experience proved to be hassle-free for us as the client. They have delivered exactly the quality product we wanted and I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.  In fact, I have done so and a new contract has just been signed!"

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